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I still remember landing on the island and how welcoming and helpful everyone was.  From that day on, I knew that I had made the right decision of choosing IAU.  The class sizes were just right; for the first time, professors actually knew my name and cared about my education...  

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Find a Progressive Curriculum and Affordable Education at a Caribbean University


Despite how many students wish to become doctors, most don't follow through with their plans due to prohibitive costs and the limited number of slots available in their local institutions. At a Caribbean university, students can enjoy excellent education with higher acceptance rates and a reasonable tuition.

International American University - College of Medicine is located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, on the island nation of St. Lucia. Our medical school features a program based on the US model and offers education using the latest technology and teaching methods. At our Caribbean med school, students can enjoy a shorter pre-med program done in partnership with Texas A&M University-Commerce. This allows students at our college of medicine to complete the entire Pre-medical and MD program in six years rather than the traditional eight.

Aside from allowing students to achieve their dreams in a shorter span of time, we also provide opportunities to maximize their time in school. A major part of our curriculum includes extensive preparation for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) which ensures that our students are well-prepared for the exam that may ultimately decide their career.

Among Caribbean medical school programs, ours stands out for the progressive approach we take to education. While others expose their students solely to classroom-based didactics for their basic science coursework, our students are immediately introduced to a problem-oriented curriculum that emphasizes research, discussions, and other active forms of learning. This method is similar to many of the best schools in the US, and helps to build our students' confidence in their skills.

We also offer many opportunities for students to learn through experiences close to the actual practice. As early as their first semester, students will begin interacting with patients through supervised activities at local clinics. After their basic science semesters at our Caribbean medical college in St. Lucia, students spend the remaining semesters in affiliate teaching hospitals located mainly in the US. Upon completion of post-graduate residency training, our graduates become eligible for a license in many countries including the United States and Canada.

Finally, qualified foreign medical graduates intending to enter post-graduate residency training in the US or Canada may also be interested in the externship program our Caribbean medical university offers. Specialized training for foreign doctors is also available through this program.

Pursuing your dream to become a medical professional at home or in other parts of the world shouldn't come to an end due to the high cost of tuition or low acceptance rates in local universities. Visit our academics page to learn about the different programs we offer or see our admissions page to find out how and when to apply.